About us



Personal experience 

Chris Pieri - the founder of e-fab and has been involved within the steel fabrication industry for more than 25 years. Chris is a certified fabricator welder, a qualified shop detailer and structural designer. Chris is also an experienced manager and coordinator of both small and large scale shop detail fabrication projects.

e-fab Team

Rodel Ednalan - IT professor and expert in website design, ecommerce, social media and creating online website culture.

Marko Ullrich - general manager of software design. Marko’s role is testing and high level programming, ensuring the quality and ongoing development of e-fab.

James Rossi - assists with the sites graphics, look and feel and general e-fab maintenance and customer support.

Jason Linford - director of Novacore Systems consulting to e-fab. Jason provides technical services for ecommerce and website design; his team are instrumental in developing and maintaining the e-fab online market.

Kurt Edmonds - director of programming development and marketing. Kurt maintains the ongoing functionality of e-fab, keeping the site smooth, seemless and up to date with the latest in web design and trends for optimum user interface and experience.

Chwan Choong Wong - corporate business manager adopting the key role of promoting e-fab to the wider steel fabrication community. A qualified marketer and experienced manager within the industry. Chwan's (CC) knowledge and expertise is pivotal to e-fab and therefore it's partners and users. 

Bob Pearl - professional copywriter and direct marketer. Bob creates e-fab articles, news and promotions as well as general editing of the site.