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Projects Posted »

Multi Story Apartments
Budget : Not sure
Approx Tonnes :3
Proposed Commercial ...
Budget : Between $5,000 & $10,000
Approx Tonnes :3
Industrial Warehouse
Budget : Not sure
Approx Tonnes :25
Loftus St
Budget : Not sure
Approx Tonnes :1
Burswood Hotel Refit
Budget : Not sure
Approx Tonnes :5

e-fab Client Fabricators »

e-fab electron... e-fab electron...
Shop Detail Coordinator
V Drake-Brockm... V Drake-Brockm...
Structural Mechanical Designer
Fabtech Fabtech
Structural steel fabricators
Engtech Engtech
Consulting Engineers
Blitz Steel Fa... Blitz Steel Fa...
Structural / Mechanical




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Top Client Fabricator
Structural Mechanical Designer- V Drake-Brockman
Structural/Mechanical designer, shop detailer, drafter.
Shop Detail Coordinator-Shop Detail Coordinator e-fab electronic steel fabrication
Structural and Mechanical Shop Detail services and coordinating.
Structural Mechanical Designer- V Drake-Brockman
Structural/Mechanical designer, shop detailer, drafter.
Client Testimonials

"Your service is outstanding! I have been in touch with 3 expert shop detailer and received very personal and professional quotes as well. Thanks."
Hamrick G. Norway

"We were so skeptical about finding a shop detailer on the Internet but after this good experience we'll come here first. Thank You."
Rod K. Wiliam

"I believe Steel Fabricators will constantly use this unique work resource ‘e-fab’ as a great opportunity to post projects for shop detailers"
Igor – Shop Detailer – Russia

"E-fab Online is definitely futuristic and forward thinking. As a steel fabricator, it is brilliant how we are now able to efficiently source detailers from a pool of many, for our steel projects through the website, using its quick and easy job posting/bidding system. Surprisingly innovative"
CC Wong