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Fume Ducting Extraction System
Job Category : Industrial | Date Post : Sep. 13, 2010 | Budget : Not sure | Approx Tonnes : Not sure - there are 0 bid(s) on this job

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Project Budget:
Approx Tonnes: Not sure
Bidding Type: e-fab User
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Project Category: Industrial
Disciplines: Structural, Mechanical
Location: Australia

Job Description

We require design and detail drafting of a fume extraction ducting system. Preference will be given to AutoCAD 3D design with an emphasis on rendered models (Navisworks or similar) for design review. Please register an expression of interest. A tender shortlist will receive a scope of work and schedule for bidding purpose.


Job Start Date: Sep. 13, 2010
Expired: Bidding Ended on Sep. 27, 2010

Drafting Requirements

No requirements


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Basic Information

Serial Number: CLN-1300919120
Member since: 2010-09-13
Location: Australia

Job Statistics

Projects posted: 3
Projects awarded: 0
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