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Fuel Farm Pump Bay - Shelter
Job Category : Industrial | Date Post : Sep. 14, 2010 | Budget : Not sure | Approx Tonnes : Not sure - there are 0 bid(s) on this job

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Project Budget: Not sure
Approx Tonnes: Not sure
Bidding Type: e-fab User
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Project Category: Industrial
Disciplines: Structural, Piping
Materials: Steel
Location: Australia

Job Description

Design and detail drafting required for a Fuel Farm Pump Bay Shelter. Design drafting will include a bunded concrete pad about *** m x *** m and a steel structure about *** m high with roof cladding. Some 50NB piping will also be required to ANSI system. All sketches and engineering design will be provided. Please send expression of interest along with detailed portfolio of other similar projects. Also list the type of drafting / modelling software that your company will use for this type of project.


Job Start Date: Sep. 14, 2010
Expired: Bidding Ended on Sep. 28, 2010

Drafting Requirements

No requirements


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Basic Information

Serial Number: CLN-1300919120
Member since: 2010-09-13
Location: Australia

Job Statistics

Projects posted: 3
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