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StruMIS is a powerful Steel Production Management Software System. 

StruMIS utilises 3D Modeling and BIM Authoring Data from superior Drafting Software to populate it's system ready for many Steel Production Management Tasks.

Here is a summary of the StruMIS Software and it's key features: 



 Superior integration with structural detailing/BIM authoring systems  and leading CNC machinery manufacturers, accounting and ERP  systems, enables companies to connect and harness their  processes. 



 The enquiry and estimating module enables users to process and  manage information for accurate and repeatable tender generation  using a number of different pricing methodologies.


Doc Control

 Document Control

 A drawing and document control system, designed to maintain a  database, to generate transmittals for the issue of all new  documents and to manage the distribution of revised  documentation.




 This module allows instant overview and management of all  materials across multiple locations, including control of specific  details for each section type, transaction reporting and  trend/supplier analysis. 



 The purchasing and suppliers module integrates the procurement  function with contracts and enables the management of suppliers,  with pricing and nesting automatically completed and all costs  allocated for analysis. 

Contracts Contracts

 Control and manage the progress of multiple contracts in real time  and visually through 3D interactive models, including revision  management and budgetary monitoring against projected and  actual  costs. 

QS QS Analysis

 Monitor and compare budgets against actual costs - in real time and  analyze variance to control project cash flow and monitor your  business performance across multiple contracts. 


Production Production

 Manage production and automatically allocate and route steel  around the fabrication workshop according to your individual set up  for maximum efficiency with full piece tracking and processing  timing  feedback. 

Site Site

 From workshop to site erection use 3D interactive models for  enhanced visual assembly and erection understanding, with mark  status identification and tracking, for advanced construction  control  and scheduling.


Benefits of StruMIS

There are many benfits associated with adoption of the StruMIS Steel Project Management System. These are listed below:

Executive Executive Benefits

 A complete steel project management information system designed  for steelwork fabricators to deliver commercial benefits in terms of  efficiency, cost savings and increased productivity and profitability.


Cost Cost Savings

 Before you can make money you need to know your business costs.  To be able to reduce your costs gives you choices. Make more  money at greater margins or win more business at lower sales  prices. 

Time Time Management

 Time is a valuable commodity and with it we can make money. The  effectiveness with which we employ our time determines often how  much money we can make and how quickly. 


Waste Minimize Waste

 Waste affects every area of our lives and our attitude to  sustainability will shape future generations. Minimized steel waste  and reworked remnant materials can not only increase your  profitability today, but could lower the carbon footprint of your  building project, helping the world for tomorrow.

Process Process

 The trend of investment in CNC machinery to obtain maximum  processing efficiencies is widespread and steel fabricators invest to  be able to increase project production speed and productivity and  become more competitive.

Profit More Profit

 Most businesses are in business to make a profit. The effective  alignment and leverage of business resources deliver core  competencies to enable competitive advantages. From these  advantages comes the ability to make a profit.


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 For more information on StruMIS Software see the website