Shop Detail Coordinator

Shop detail coordinator

3D modeling and data information

Strucutral and Mechanical fabrication projects requiring shop detailing. Always on the look out for top quality detailers.


Strucutral and Mechanical fabrication projects requiring shop detailing. Always on the look out for top quality detailers.

Portfolios and Samples

Burswood VVIP Villas

Burswood VVIP VillasShop detailing of steelwork for two luxury VVIP villas. The project included ground and fist floor columns and stud wall trusses supporting the steel and purlin roofing. Total steel for the villas - 30 tonne. The portico was over 60 metres in length and the cantilevered roof was angled and double pitched with RHS purlins and girts. Total steel for the portico - 15 tonne. The pergola consisted of cantilevered RHS portals and were pre-drilled for architectural timber cladding. Total steel for the pergola - 10 tonne. Shop detailing total - 55 tonne of steel.

Commercial / Retail Building

Commercial / Retail BuildingTiltup panel construction and structural steel roof, canopy and facade. Hot rolled steel 48 tonne.

Commercial Warehouse

Commercial WarehouseStructural steel roofing fixed to tilt-up panel walls. UB rafters, EA and CHS roof bracing with steel purlins to support roof cladding. PFC fascia trusses and SHS lattice columns featured on the facade and supported the entrance canopy with CHS ties. Approximately 150 tonne of structural steel.

Service Station Canopy

Service Station CanopyStructural steel fascia and concealed roof. 5 tonne of hot rolled steel + purlins.

Dam Wall Cutting Trolley

Dam Wall Cutting TrolleyLight weight construction consisted of intricate box truss and column design and shop detailing. The trolley required a monorail and access platforms. Part removable floor grating for maintenance and lower platform to access bogey wheels. Large moving structure, 12.9 tonne total weight.

University Student Village

University Student VillageECU student village consisted of tilt-up panel construction with structural steel CHS bracing used to tie and prop the concrete walls. All steel concealed in the 300mm roof space with 3 levels of bracing and fireproofing constraints adding to the tedious nature of shop detailing for the 20.7 tonne of structural steel over 4 buildings.

Service Description

Provide our clients with accurate fabrication drawings, information and data. We seek shop detailers that can deliver and manage 3D model data within specified schedules.


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