Frequent questions


As a professional providing shop detail services how do I get paid?

As with any contractual or business arrangement, it’s up to both parties to negotiate the payment method, frequency and any other relevant terms. e-fab does not hold funds in escrow or guarantee any payments.  The commercial arrangements are solely between the shop detailing professional and the client.

As a fabricator or client requesting shop detailing. How can I be confident with the expertise, including accuracy and correctness of the services provided?

e-fab has developed a systematic approach that offers all shop detailers the tools to display information such as work portfolios, work history, company details and other credible data. Along with e-fabs feedback rating and job win tally, a client may request more information (via e-fab messaging) prior to awarding a project. Furthermore a fabricator may screen a shop detailer by also using the following statistics:

1. Fabricator Reviews: Written reviews by other fabricators.

2. History of projects the shop detailer has done via e-fab: Includes the Job Title, Category and Date.

3. Shop Detailer Snapshot showing: Service Category, e-fab Rating, Number of Job wins, Number of Comments.

4. The shop detailers location: Country and City.

All the above information is available to the fabricator at any time and at one convenient location from within e-fab.

How much information is required to register with e-fab?

You can get going straight away with minimal information. Once registered you have access to the site and can return at any time to build your profile. E-fab highly recommends making the most of the tools provided to showcase your business and skills. Work portfolios, samples of drawings and data are highly desirable. Work history description is also recommended and any awards or accreditations are all valuable attributes to display to potential clients.  Any credible information that favourably promotes your business may be registered within e-fab. Use the specific information settings and tools to easily upload all the necessary data to market your business.

Are there any fees or charges to use e-fab?

e-fab is easy to visit…and it’s also free to do so. There are no registration fees or charges of any kind if you choose to simply browse the site – just an opportunity for you to find out what’s going on in the industry. The good news: If you’re a steel fabricator, you can use e-fab to post a project - Free. If you’re a shop detailer, e-fab is the one place to go to uncover your next project – quickly and easily. If you choose to access this service, there is a nominal fee that is extremely modest and affordable. See the membership tab after registration for the schedule. And remember: e-fab is always free to visit.

As a Shop Detail Professional I pay to use e-fab, what exactly am I paying for?

  1. Register with a website that targets our industry. Therefore you don’t get lost in a crowd. Our website is specific and designed for one thing, Steel Fabrication / Shop Detailing.

  2. With e-fab you can upload portfolios, company profiles and establish an e-fab rating for work you do. All this can be seen by the fabricators and other clients posting projects. E-fab gives you the tools to upload all your promotional information conveniently in the one easy to use location.

  3. e-fab is rapidly becoming the ‘go-to’ website where fabricators will post projects and look for shop detailers. That means your business doesn’t have to do the ring around to find your next project. You get access to live projects conveniently from your computer, laptop or mobile device anytime from anywhere in the world.

  4. e-fab offers a tailored system that allows fast project posting for clients and a secure bidding environment for both parties. You can manage and keep track of all your bids online from within e-fab.

  5. Fabricators understand that an e-fab shop detailer pays to use the system and therefore an e-fab shop detailer is serious about their business. It adds credibility to shop detailers and gives the clients confidence that they are coming to the one dedicated website to find a good quality shop detailer at e-fab.

  6. As projects get posted the shop detailer receives an inbox or SMS notification as soon as the post button is clicked. That means if you’re a registered shop detailer then you get immediate notification of any new projects. So instead of ringing around for the projects, they will come to you.

  7. e-fab can put you in contact with many new clients from anywhere in the world at any time.

  8. Your workflow could improve with access to more projects that can be earned via e-fab.

  9. Streamline your bidding with bid templates that could save you time and money during the bidding process.

  10. Your business regularly gets promoted to potentially millions of industry related people via our e-fab social and media channels.

Why do projects close before the set expired date?

The client may close the project at any time before the posting period end date – Especially if they are happy with the bids received or they may have awarded the project and hence require no more bids. Also the project scope may have changed and therefore the Client may close the original project and post a revised version to outline the changes. Many other reasons may influence the projects bidding period to end before the set expiry date.

Why do projects have an expiry date if they can close early?

Most projects are governed by a schedule where dates and timelines are planned. e-fab has a default 14 day bidding / tendering period however this date can be changed and set by the client during the job posting process. The expiry date is not the closing date. It is the last allowable date set by the schedule, however if the Client receives early bids then they may wish to expedite their workflow and start the project as soon as required.

When do I get the client or expert contact details?

The e-fab system is set to allow the exchange of contact details upon the AWARD of projects. The client must use the AWARD / DECLINE system to generate a Letter of Intent when engaging an expert shop detailer. Once AWARD is selected by the client then the shop detailer is informed and both parties may share contact details to continue negotiations and business outside the e-fab Online Market.